Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Printed Grain Sack Ribbon

I am loving the look of grain sack ribbon...

Here is an easy way to do it yourself!

I began with washed and bleached drop cloth from Home Depot...

I cut a slit into the edge of the fabric giving me a 3" ribbon 
and I tore it all the way down the length of the fabric.

I removed the strings and was left with a long fringed ribbon...

Using a paint stick I drew a thick line and then 
2 thinner lines down the center of the ribbon...

The perfect imperfect grain sack look.

On another ribbon I wrote the word "joy" in gold paint, 
I used this one at Christmas...

You can probably thing of a zillion uses...

Love them for hanging wreaths...

Do you have any other ideas for grain sack ribbon?


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  1. Oh wow! That's genius! What type of pen did you use?

    - Dana

  2. Great idea, looks wonderful!!

  3. On my to do list today is the fabric store for tree skirt stuff. I want some of this ribbon too, so I added it. Unless all of Minnesota bought it up before I get there.


  4. I love it--as always! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Love them both Susan--but I love anything and everything drop cloth. The JOY looks great on the tree!


  6. I love them both,, and I almost always have drop cloth. What a great idea. The JOY ribbon looks really pretty on the tree

  7. I am adding these to my collection of torn cotton ribbons!


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