Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Rusty Bells

Here is a quick way to give inexpensive packaged
jingle bells a great rusty patina!

I've used it before on Ikea pails
I loved the way it gave each pail a different patina.  

Today I'm experimenting with jingle bells...

This time I'm using the "rust" antiquing 
solution to rust inexpensive dollar store bells.

I put the bells and the rust solution into a jar. 
I mixed the jar often to keep the bells saturated.

After about 10 minutes I laid the bells on a 
paper towel to dry overnight.

In the morning my bells had a great rusty patina...

Some of the bells even had a green patina.

 Now they are perfect for my rustic Christmas projects!

This is not a paid endorsement... I just love the product!


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  1. That is just awesome! I see so many possibilities! Thanks for sharing. =)


  2. WOW...I have some of that solution! That's for sharing!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  3. Where did you buy the rust solution?
    I saw large shiny jingle bells at Hobby Lobby the other day and thought they would look cute rusted. Great minds think alike?


    New to your blog but love it and follow you. Hope yo visit mine :)

  4. I just needed this tip over the weekend. How timely.

  5. I love this idea - we have so many ugly (new) bells - I need to run and grab some of this finish! Pinned this!

  6. Love that! I definitely have to buy some. Thanks for sharing!


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