Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Baker's Board

Everything old is new again....

This baker's board is from 

I was so excited to see it in their catalog... 
I have the same one only mine was made by my
Great Grandfather more than 75 years ago.

antique bread board

When something works... it works. 
It has a ledge facing down that goes over the ledge of the counter, and a ledge facing up to catch the rolling pin 
from going off the board.

My Great Grandfather made mine for my 
Great Grandmother to make bread.
Obviously, it is a good idea that keeps on working.

vintage bread board

My baker's board sits on display in my kitchen and I think of them every time I use it.

I'm glad West Elm sees the need for
a great thing!


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  1. Perfect!! how cool that you have your grandfathers...very special!!

  2. What a precious heirloom! I know that you must cherish it....I know that everything that I have from my grandparents means so much to me

  3. I love your bakers board-especially because it was passed down in your family. Much better then West Elm any day!

  4. That's fantastic that you get to use an heirloom! Who needs to reinvent the wheel?

  5. That's so neat! I've never seen one with the lips on it, but it is pretty ingenious!

  6. They must be peeking in your windows!


  7. awwww, that's so darn sweet that you have that treasured piece!



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