Build a DIY Slide Out Pantry

It's Pinterest to the rescue once again as my newlywed 
daughter and her handsome husband searched storage 
options for their new apartment...

DIY tutorial for a slide out pantry in the kitchen

The problem with living in a small apartment is that there is little or no cabinet space. 

Shortly after moving in, they realized that they needed a solution to the kitchen storage problem....

My daughter and her husband quickly got to work buying the wood, dowels, and castors needed for the project...

gluing boards then screwing them together to build a slide out cabinet

Using the directions and specs from Classy Clutter, they got to work making one the right size for their space.

building storage for the kitchen using boards and castors

drilling pilot holes for the shelves in this diy storage project

wood glue and screws make this diy kitchen storage perfect for any small space

wood fro the hardware store creates storage for a small kitchen

adding castors to this project make it slide into a small area in the kitchen

I'm thinking this would make great craft storage too!

wooden shelves and dowels to hold the food onto the shelves when storage slides between the cabinets

Slide o ut storage in a small kitchen to hold groceries

A quick coat of paint...

painted rolling storage for the kitchen

and this Pinterest DIY project is a wrap!

rolling cart with extra storage for a small kitchen

Awesome job you guys! 
You make me proud!

slide out cabinet for small kitchen problems

*This would make a great plate rack too!

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