Numbered Clay Tags

I saw some cute clay tags made by Vintage Sky
I thought I'd try them with my own spin.

I started out with some white, air drying clay.

This started out as a mother-daughter project.

We rolled out the clay...

and used a medicine cup to cut out little circles.


We smoothed the edges...


And used a straw to cut little holes in the clay.

While the clay was still wet we used a stencil and black craft paint to add numbers to the clay.

We used a stamp to make some of the tags with a fleur de lis and the word Paris.

(This was right about the time I lost my
12 year old helper, she found something better to do...)

Now to add texture to the tag I pressed a piece of fabric into the clay while it was still damp.


 I put them on a drying rack and let them dry overnight.

In the morning I gave the tags a spray of Perma Clear Acrylic, front and back, for protection. 

Then I added the string.

I went around the house tying these tags to different things to give you an idea of great places you might want to hang a tag.

On a candle...

On a trellis...

On an old book...

To decorate a bowl...

or on a tea pot...

And my personal favorite, on baskets...

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