How to Build a Craft Toolbox Organizer

The sides of this box are created from old fence boards and the bottom from an old broken wine crate. 

The center piece is an old board that I cut a hole in for a handle. 

To do that I first determined where I wanted the handle. 

I drilled two 1" holes and used a jigsaw to cut between the drilled holes. 

This gave me the handle slot.

I painted the box a mustard yellow.

I used the paintbrush images from the Graphics Fairy...
printed on a laser printer. 

used Modge Podge to transfer the pictures to the wood.

I love these "Do not touch" cards from Carolyn @Homework! I use them all the time! 

When the paper dried I rubbed it off and the image stayed's magic!

I made this toolbox for all the craft supplies I have that are spread out all over my kitchen.

It will be nice to have everything all in one place.

The compartments are perfect for jars.

And the handle is perfect for moving the mess from one place to another because somehow I never seem to work in one place!

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