Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

The times are a changing and Homeroad is prepared to change along with them. 

This is my booth at Backstreet Antiques where I currently sell my projects. 

As time goes on I'm less and less inclined to paint furniture.... it's getting harder to lug around large pieces.... paint them, bring them to the shop, deliver... you get the picture. 

I will be moving into a new smaller spot and I need a display cabinet. 

There are a lot of great paints out there and I've tried and told you about most of them. 

There are also a TON of people painting furniture in this area now so I'm going to stick to making and selling the repurposed projects I love most. 

It is for this reason I no longer need a large space at the store so my search began for a shelving unit that would be just the right size and style to display my projects at Backstreet. 

On her way home from work one day my daughter sent me a text with these photos... She knew I'd be thrilled!

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

It was in need of a lot of work but was the perfect size for my space so I brought it home. 

The first thing I did was remove the broken doors, they barely closed and were completely falling apart. 

Using leftover pieces of wood from my workshop, I built make shift shelf brackets to hold the wood for shelves I bought at Home Depot. 

I didn't really care too much about what the brackets and shelves looked like because it would eventually all be painted one color and my projects were going to be the main focus in the piece. 

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

When all the shelves were in I gave the piece a good sanding with the electric sander to smooth out all the imperfections. 

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

Next it was painting time. I was given samples of Country Chic Paint and this was the perfect time to give it a try. 

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

I set up shop right in my kitchen because with Country Chic Paint there are no harsh odors or harmful fumes. 

Country Chic Paint comes in a variety of colors. 

The one I'm using on this shelving unit is called Luna, it is a very light teal blue. 

Country Chic Paint is an eco-friendly paint with no harmful solvents. There is very little prep work with this paint. 

All I did was to clean this piece and paint. Country Chic Paint has a beautiful chalky finish and is very easy to distress! 

The paint went on smoothly and less than one jar covered this entire piece with two coats. 

Country Chic Paint comes in several sizes and costs much less than other chalk-like paints on the market. 

In no time my display shelf was dry and finished! 

Creating a Display Cabinet From a Found Armoire

The color is beautiful and the display shelf will be the perfect place to display my projects.  

Update... Moved the piece in and filled it up this weekend!

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