Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wire Christmas Tree

I bought this "wire thingy" for $1.00 
at a thrift store. It can be
put together to make a
Christmas Tree.  

It was only $1.00 so I'll try it, surely I could make something out of it...
Ok so far, kind of Christmas Tree like....

After cruising the craft store for an hour 
or so, I decided on this... 
the garland was half off ...

I was also thinking greens, burlap and paint cloth...

I began by wrapping the garland around the wire tree...

and then tied on strips of paint cloth 
and wired on greens...

I turned the "wire thingy" into a
Primitive Christmas Tree!
It's maybe even ready for a small string of lights, some hanging red balls or even a star on top!

Holiday Blessings!


  1. What a lovely christmas tree.
    I think our cats would love it too.

  2. I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it. That turned out so cute!!

  3. Quite an upcycle there! Amazing foresight you have. I like it!!

  4. Good score! Gotta love those kinda deals! I love what you did with it too! Cheers!

  5. Love it! So different but still festive, great idea!

  6. so cute! You have a great eye.

  7. I love how you put this cute little tree together! It looks so simple, and festive.


  8. Yes, your primitive Christmas Tree is wonderful. I wonder if this can be recreated for two sides of the front door.

  9. That's great! could wrap one of those with pink feather boas....or that fake 'pine' garland...or a string of fairy lights....or....


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