A DIY Rusty Chicken Wire Solution

Did you ever notice how darn shiny chicken wire is when you buy it? 

A roll of chicken wire

Well no more!

I've found something that works to get the shine off...

Once upon a time I tried to paint chicken wire, if you need a good laugh today, check out this procedure.

Snow with spray paint in it

I'll try anything once...

So now, older and wiser... I've found something you can buy at the craft store that takes the shine off and makes it look old!


I started out by wrapping some chicken wire around an jar to get a cylindrical shape.

A roll of chicken wire and jar of buttons

Making a tube with the chicken wire

Too shiny for me!...

So I tried Sophisticated Finishes Rust Antiquing Solution. 

Bottle of Sophisticated finishes and roll of chicken wire

It is a clear watery solution that actually turns the chicken wire black when it touches the metal... instant aging!

I don't know what's in it but it is magic!

Roll of chicken wire with a patina

Cool... a basket for something??!

I used it to get the shine off the square wire I used for this gorgeous apple picking crate.

wooden crate of apples

See how old and rustic it makes the "new" wire look?

Wooden crate of apples showing wire bottom with a patina

Have fun with this great new find, 
I know I'll be using it again!
It is way easier than wrestling chicken wire in the snow!

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