How to Make Tin Punch Ornaments

Making beautiful Tin Punched Ornaments 
is easier than you might think.

First you'll need tin, I used a textured tin.

I found my piece at the thrift store.

You can use roof flashing too, it's very inexpensive.

I cut out a tag board heart and traced it with a Sharpie marker onto the tin.

I used regular scissors to cut out the tin. 

Be very careful because the edges can be sharp! 

I used a sanding block to smooth the edges once the 
hearts were cut out.

I used a small hole punch to make a hole in the top and the bottom of the heart.

On the bottom I added crystals that hang from the point.

On the top I used pieces of chain from an old necklace. 

Next I laid the hearts on a newspaper and used a hammer and a screw driver to make dents all the way around the heart. 

When I was finished the ornaments were ready to hang.

Plain or add a bow.

They look great on the tree and the best part is that they are magnetic. 

Scrabble tiles with magnets on the back let me spell anything on them!

Here they are all packed and ready to sell at the local craft fair.

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