Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chevron Painting

This project is done by my super talented daughter Kasey...

Kasey began with a large piece of 1" thick masonite.
The board has a great smooth brown paper-like finish.

She taped off the chevron pattern on the board using masking tape, measuring carefully the length and width of her stripes...

phone pic
Next she filled in the spaces across with her chosen colors...

Before the paint was completely dry she removed the tape.

The colors are gorgeous between the brown paper lines.

The thickness of this board gives the painting 
added dimension.

Then she made another 2 so they could hang side-by-side.

Great job Kasey...
The colors you chose are beautiful!

The Chevron pattern is also transferred to cell phone 
cases & skins, note cards, and prints.... 
sold by Kasey and available here!



  1. I love this! I'm working on something similar for my office. The color combo is awesome! --Followed your link from Happy Hour. ;)

  2. PRETTY! I never thought of doing this in a few coordinating prints like you show here. Love it!

  3. It turned out fantastic! So glad I found you at 504 Main. I'm pinning this right away. Megan


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