How to Paint a Chevron Pattern

This project is done by my super talented daughter Kasey.

How to Paint a Chevron Pattern,

She began with a large piece of 1" thick masonite.

The board has a great smooth brown paper-like finish.

She taped off the chevron pattern on the board using masking tape, measuring carefully the length and width of her stripes.

DIY How to Paint a Chevron Pattern,
phone pic
Next she filled in the spaces across with her chosen colors...

How to Paint a DIY Chevron Pattern,

Before the paint was completely dry she removed the tape.

The colors are gorgeous between the brown paper lines.

How to make a painting using chevron design.

The thickness of this board gives the painting added dimension.

Then she made another 2 so they could hang side-by-side.

How to make a DIY painting using chevron design.

Create paintings using a chevron design.

Great job Kasey...
The colors you chose are beautiful!

The Chevron pattern is also transferred to cell phone 
cases & skins, note cards, and prints.... 
sold by Kasey



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