Monday, April 22, 2013

Garbage Picking is a Family Affair

Seems as if the whole family's gotten into the act...
and in honor of Earth Day we are saving this lamp from the dump!

Check out the ugliest lamp in the world... 

My daughter found it by the side of the road and thought 
I might want it... Thank you, but yikes! 
This is one ugly lamp, she must think I'm a miracle worker!

Anyway, I love a challenge so I took it apart... 

As I was washing these very dirty lamp pieces 
I noticed that the red was coming off the glass globe!

There was hope... A clear globe was workable...

I attached it to the base using a few of the washers 
included with the parts.

Added a battery operated votive...

And this ugly lamp is now a free votive holder for the patio!

Stay tuned for the lamp shade rescue!


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  1. I just wish I had the same vision so many of my favorite bloggers do! This is such a perfect re-use!


    1. Well, that worked out, Susan! I love what you reworked it into with some of the parts.

  2. Couldn't have worked any better!! Funny how that red came off the globe. It looks great!

  3. Good girl (your daughter!). We have to teach them young - lol! I bring my boys garage sale and junking with me. =) I can't even believe that is the same lamp globe! So much prettier now!


  4. Super cute! I think the lamp wasn't so bad. It may have been workable. Haha.

  5. What did your daughter say when she saw it? Something like DAMMMMM momma you are clever?



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