The Neighbor's Bench and CeCe Caldwell Paint

Remember this?....

Fixing a bench then trying a new chalky paint for the first time
Well thanks to my neighbor who throws out great things,
I decided to try CeCe Caldwell's paint for the first time....

A beautiful newly painted front porch bench

I've always tried all kinds of paints and I love most of them but when I received a free sample of CeCe Caldwell paint it tempted me to try.

The color I used is Traverse City Cherry.

I have red chairs from Crate and Barrel in my kitchen and I thought it would be great to try and match the color of the bench with the chairs. Impossible? Maybe...
This was coat number one... and no your eyes are not playing tricks on you... it is pink and very chalky! Scared me just a little, but after all, the bench was free and the sample was free so what did I really have to lose?

This paint is very different than regular chalky paint which is less chalky and more like a smooth, flat paint.

Using this chalky paint was scary at first, the wax sealed the deal.

One sample size gave the whole bench one coat.... I went back to the store and bought another sample size plus a can of the CeCe Caldwell dark wax. 

I was hoping that the dark wax would do something with that pink color! I also liked the idea of CeCe Caldwell wax having no smell and I could use it inside the house because truthfully... I paint in the middle of my kitchen.

Here is the bench after the second coat... Darker, but still pink!

The red chalky paint on this bench matched the chairs perfectly after using dark wax.

I waited until the next day to give it a coat of wax to be sure the paint was completely dry.

And here it is with one coat of dark wax...

Dark wax and Cece Cauldwell chalky red paint

As you can see the chalky pink went away... the wax gave it a smooth, dark red finish...

Happily the bench was beginning to match my chairs perfectly!

Matching the chairs in the kitchen perfectly using chalky red paint and dark wax

One more quick coat of the dark wax and my fears of the chalky pink finish were for nothing... I have been told that you can use clear wax prior to the dark wax to move the dark around smoothly. 

I chose to do the dark wax first and then a coat of clear wax.

* a week later I gave it another coat of clear wax for more protection.

The bench looks gorgeous and matches my chairs perfectly!

This found bench gets a new life with a coat of red chalky paint and dark wax

This red bench has a new life with red chalky paint and dark wax

So I am happy to say that I found another decorative paint that I like and I will be using it again!

Oh and thanks again neighbor!

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