Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage Floor Board Signs

Repurposing some antique floor boards today...

Found in a trash can on one of my evening walks...
We have a lot of very old houses in our neighborhood.
I knew these beautiful boards could be something great so I 
went home, got my car and filled up the back....

Giving each board a coat of white paint on the front only
to preserve the awesome patina on the back...

After the white paint dried I started painting... this one was hand
painted.  The coffee sign was made using a computer print out of the letters transfered to the wood using copy paper...

The boards were then left over night to dry...

Then sanded, distressed and given a coat of
 dark wax in the morning...

Each of these signs are 30" long and 7" wide and
 available on my Etsy shop...

Walking is so great in more ways than one!


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  1. love the signs Susan! great use of old stuff!


  2. What a wonderful find! The signs look great!

  3. Love your signs, Susan! Those floorboards were definitely worth picking up. I like the "I saw that" sign. : )

  4. Old floor boards huh.... I've got some. I think Brawn picked them up thinking we could use them for a floor! Silly man.



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