First Aid Foot Locker

Found an old wooden trunk a while back...

first aid foot locker

I painted it white with Annie Sloan chalk paint last year so 
for this project I was 1/2 way there.

wooden First aid foot locker

My inspirations were...  

and this trunk from Breida with a Btogether I was sure to have a winner!

I began by drawing on the cross and tracing around the letters from stencils.

antique first aid foot locker

It looked great white but I wanted this foot locker to be aged looking... after all it is a vintage trunk.

DIY first aid foot locker

I coated the top with clear wax and then a coat of dark wax, it gave it a perfect vintage look.

stenciling on an antique foot locker

I added cute castors so the trunk would roll.

Adding metal castors to a foot locker

The inside is old and just as awesome!

antique foot locker on castors

It is the perfect little vintage foot locker for the very special
nurse who purchased this piece!

diy first aid footlocker

wooden foot locker

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