Make a Craft Cabinet from Repurposed Furniture

A garage sale bargain at $5.00 is now my new 
craft room organization.

old wooden cabinet

I am always in need of more storage for my crafts and this is going to be perfect!

I made my own chalk paint using a quart of "oops paint" from Home Depot and un-sanded grout.

I added a teaspoon of un-sanded grout to a mason jar with a little water and shook to mix. 

Then I added enough paint to fill the jar and shook again.

The home made chalk paint has a great creamy texture. 

I've used this paint mixture before so I know it can be
used on most surfaces without priming. This cabinet
was a knotty pine with a shiny finish.

Excuse the iphone pictures, I was painting in the garage.

Wooden cabinet painted white

I replaced the old wooden knobs with new black knobs and handles.

Wooden cabinet painted white

Another piece I had in the garage was an old cubbie shoe organizer. It was made of composite board with laminate, 
painted it with the same home made chalk mixture. 

The home-made paint sticks to both surfaces with no chipping or peeling

After the paint dried I lined the drawer and the shelves...

open drawers with shelf liner

open top drawer with shelf liner

My favorite part was filling up the cubbies with jars, ribbons, and bakers twine.

Multi space cubbie shelf with jars of crafts

White cubbie shelf on top of white wooden cabinet

front view of white craft cabinet with jars in cubbies

Perfect for my craft room and the price was right!

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