Recovering Old Bulletin Boards With Drop Cloth Fabric

When most people are asleep on a Sunday morning, I'm up and working on my next project.

package of drop cloth fabric

I'm fixing up the old shabby bulletin boards in the kitchen this morning.

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I bought a plain drop cloth at Home Depot the other day. 

I was planning on recovering pillows for my living room but I had a better idea for now.

Step one was to cut off the finished edging all the way around the canvas... save it! (You're gonna need it later)

drop cloth edging

I measured the bulletin board inside the frame and cut the canvas to the exact size of the cork.

Next I sprayed the back of the canvas with spray adhesive and set it onto the cork, be sure to smooth it down. 

stapler and scissors

I needed the staple gun and sharp scissors for this job.

I stapled around the edges to secure the fabric. 

Next, the glue gun, I used the low temp gun so I wouldn't get burned! 

I used the cut edging I removed at the beginning and glued it all the way around the edges of the bulletin board to hide any rough edges.

rosette in corner of bulletin board

The corners of the edging were rough so I rolled a 6" piece of edging to make a rosette and glued it into each corner.

finished bulletin board cover

And here is the finished bulletin board project, directly across from this one is another bulletin board I needed to finish next.


On this one I covered the entire bulletin board, frame and all.

I measured a piece of drop cloth about 3" larger than the bulletin board and stapled it with the staple gun on the back.

I added rosettes in the 4 corners to finish off the look.

fabric rosette<

Here is bulletin board #2. 

I'm really happy with the finished products, they are simple, kind of shabby and easy to do.

second bulletin board cover

And I even have enough drop cloth fabric left to re-cover the pillows next!


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