How to Decorate Recycled Pasta Jars

What's your pasta sauce jar wearing this season?

If you happen to be too busy working like I am, you may buy a lot of sauce in jars.

Truthfully, I go for the best jar rather than the best sauce.

Classico happens to have a great Atlas Mason jar under the label.

 Lucky me, I had a few cork lids that fit perfectly!

I tried a few different outfits on my mason jars to see just which one I liked best.

This one is called the "sweet lavender and paint cloth bow" look.

Next up is the "French Bistro" look...

I painted a handle for the top, wrapped the jar in chicken wire, added some tiny measuring spoons, and attached an 
Eiffel Tower tag.

Tres Chic!

And last but certainly not least is the "Chippy-Rusty" look...

My favorite!

Again, I used chicken wire because it is so cool,
tied on some rusty-painty hinges.

and put a round, rusty, old part on top for a handle.

We have a winner!

"Chippy-Rusty" looks great in the wire milk crate I found at the antique store.

Now the star of this show (and a few runner ups) are
ready to hold office supplies in my craft room!

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