Repurposed Bird Bath Garden Planter

This instant garden planter was made from a broken bird bath... and everyone has one of those! 

broken bird bath planter

Now trust me when I tell you that this perennial garden is going to be beautiful! 

It went through a lot of changes throughout the years as well. 

spring garden plans

where to start planting a junk garden

The first little thing I wanted you to see is this planter.

bird bath stand now a planter

Guess what!

It's not really a planter but the base to a broken bird bath!

We all have them, the top breaks and what do you do with the bottom? 

Flip it over into a hole in the dirt, fill the base with dirt, and instant planter! 

Re-cycling at its best!

The perennial garden went through some changes since this post was written. 

It was turned into a vegetable garden later on and we built a fence around it. 

We also built a potting bench to work in the garden including an outdoor sink! 

bird bath planter

I cheated a little in this early spring garden and added fake flowers to this planter. 

Trust me when I tell you it's going to be beautiful! 

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