Rolling Cart Side of the Road Find

So, what did I do with these babies?

Well I began by taking the old crummy wood off one cart, it was rotting, not in a good chippy way either. 

Now both carts are similar but not identical.

Your suggestions were fantastic!

Joyce and Kathy saw potential with old crates.

So I plopped an old crate on top of the cart and stuck it in the corner for decoration. 

Actually, the crate, mirror and flowers were already there, I just put the cart under it all and I love the way it looks.

I liked Lesley's suggestion too, do nothing! Now that will be easy!

So I put a very large, square, white platter on top and put it on my sideboard.

Keeping the Fairbanks name showing was important to a lot of readers, so in both options, the platter and the crate can be removed. 

Nothing was permanently attached.

One reader even went as far as to research it on ebay and let me know the exact same one was selling for $225.00! Wow! 

Thanks so much Pam!

And then there was Dog Mom's suggestion...

That one made me laugh!

Thank you everyone for your input!

I'm sure glad I found 2 of them because there were so many great ideas, I'm sure I will be moving them around the house and as usual changing my ideas a lot!

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. Susan those are awesome!! I just love what you did with them! There were alot of great ideas!

  2. Love it! The old box with it's wonderful printing is perfect for it. Ya did good. Thanks for sharing all of our comments - that was neat :)

  3. Thanks, Susan! : ) You got lots of ideas on this and I think you could just switch it up as the mood strikes. Amazing to find out one was selling for over $200.00!

  4. Wow! How fun to find out more about your wonderful finds. I hope you enjoy them for a long time...but if you ever tire of them, you have a couple hundred blog readers who will take them off your hands ;-)

  5. So aweome Susan! I Love what you did with them. Thanks for sharing. have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Woah such a cool find! They are actually pretty awesome just on their own, but the things you did with them were beautiful as well.

  7. Love it! You can change them around at will, very smart.

  8. I love what you did! You have the best projects!
    Everything ended up looking amazing as always Susan. The crate is my fave!

  9. Those are the coolest finds ever! I love what you did and since nothing was glued, nailed, or soldered, you can change them out when your next awesome idea arises!

  10. Oh my gosh... I'm in love I'm in love I'm in LOVE! Wish I could land something cool like that from the curb!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 108. :)


  11. I love your blog and I am your newest follower. Will you follow me?

    Your ideas are great -- I found you on Funky Junk's FB page. I love to recycle things, too. Your pedestal for the drink dispense is genius!


  12. the old crate on top of it is perfect!!!!!
    ??may I say? I think the huge mirror takes away from it??

    barbara jean

  13. I love what you did with them! The mirror and stuff looks fantastic! What a wonderful find. I saw this on FJI Facebook page and had to come take a look. I'm now your newest follower

  14. What a fun, unique find. You certainly got great ideas for making good use out of these wheely things.

  15. I must say I really like how it turned out with the crate on top. Love the graphics on the crate and the fact that it doesn't hang over and cover the that old string holder too... Awesome! Warm hugs,

  16. So cool. I rarely ever find anything along the side of the road. Great redo.

  17. Love this! Found you at Funky Junk and am a new follower! Would love to have you visit me at


  18. I LOVE the one with the crate on it. Now I know what to do with my cart base and my old wood dynamite box. So glad I started following you!

  19. Since you did the original post I have been thinking more about it. I do have the great old crate. Now I've been looking for a way to inexpensively put the wheels under it and turn it into a rolling magazine rack, or portable craft project storage.
    I appreciate the fact that you kept them original and can repurpose again as you get new ideas.

  20. OH my goodness!!! That cart is FAB!!!!!

  21. Hi Susan - had to do a blog post about this today. Thanks again!


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