Antique Door turned Coffee Table

There is this antique dealer (or junk guy) that lives a few blocks from me and he is always throwing out great things!

Just a warning, this post is going to make you dizzy. 

I've changed my mind while making this piece several times along the way.

Recently I drove by the old junk dealers house and as usual there was a pile of junk at the curb. 

On the top of the pile was this 5' long heavy, wooden door!

I pulled over and as I was putting down the seats in my car to slide it in the man came down the driveway!


He explained to me that what I was picking up from the side of his driveway was an antique armoire door.


So... I proceeded to stuff the door into the back of my car. 

He didn't help, just kept talking! 

I was waiting for him to ask me for money for it but he didn't.

I guess the pile of wood underneath the door was the rest of the armoire but there didn't seem to be anything worth saving. 

Unfortunately it was splintered and water logged.

Check out the wooden pegs (in this incredibly bad photo) that are holding it together!!!!

Now, as you can probably guess I had plans for this piece.

First I went to Home Depot and bought metal pipes to use as the legs. I brought them home and screwed them on.

Unfortunately they didn't look good... too high!

So I hopped in the car and went back to Home Depot. 

This time I bought wooden legs.  

The wooden legs with brackets seemed to do the trick! 

Once the legs were attached I painted them black.

And there we had it, one awesome coffee table!

Until about a week later when I decided the legs looked crooked.

So it was back to the drawing board again.

Then it hit me, I had an unfinished wooden bench in the garage!

I washed it down, sanded it, threw on a coat of lemon oil on it and attached the top to the bench!

Perfect fit and very sturdy!

Time to accessorize with rusty finds.

Check out the photo holderit used to be an iron planter foot.

I bent the picture at the bottom and added a magnet!

How much do I want to stencil or stamp some "crate" words on the top or the sides of this wood? 

You know that will be next. 

This coffee table finally ended up to be a great junk-styled coffee table!

And check out the stenciled, painted, finished version here!



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