Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle on Furniture

Here is how to easily switch a knob on a piece of furniture to a handle.

Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle on Furniture

First, remove the old knob. 

Using a strip of painters tape, mark the holes on the back of the handle with a marker.

Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle

Transfer the tape to the drawer centered directly over the top of the old knob hole.

Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle on a drawer

Drill through the marks on the tape.

The handle I used had posts on the back so I used a drill bit large enough for the posts to slide into the holes that I drilled in the drawer.

DIY Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle on a drawer

Your new handle holes will line up perfectly and you've covered up the old knob hole!

DIY Easy Switch From a Knob to a Handle

Don't you wish you knew this easy trick years ago?

You can read all about the sewing table I made over with these knobs by visiting the bold link.

DIY Switch From a Knob to a Handle

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  1. Thanks for the tip. The new handle is very pretty.


  2. I have a jig, but this is really handy for a couple of handles! I'm pinning it!
    have a great week Susan.

  3. Yes, I do wish I had known this trick years ago! I have always been too intimidated to change out a knob for a handle. I am stunned by how easy this can be! Thank you!

  4. I have a cabinet my husand and brother in law made me two years ago.. and all six drawers still need handles/knobs.. thanks for sharing this trick.

  5. What a great tip...I pinned it to my helpful hints board.

  6. Oh, I did the same last week with my new kitchen hardware. I had simple buttons and
    I wanted to change for black handles. They have great handles at Ikea's that you
    can use without changing the front of the drawers. You have only to do as you did and
    the first hole is covered by the "back" of these new handles.
    Sorry for my English, be indulgent I am French !

  7. I love make-your-life-easier tips like this!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!! You are unbelievable! With this trick, I will save a lot of time! ...and wood :D

  9. I love your handle. Did you buy it local or online? lin lbprich@bellsouth.net

  10. Great tip! Thanks for sharing it. I'm always looking for ways to make life easier.


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