Vintage Spool Photo Display

They came from the depths of a very neat basement.

Vintage Spool Photo Display.

Recently a friend invited me to a sale, a preview for an estate sale for a friend of hers.

She let us go down into the coolest basement I've ever been in.

The family lived in this house all their lives. 

The Dad was a dentist back in the day and collected

What he didn't have, he made.

The man was amazingly organized and meticulous.

The basement was full of antique tools, cans, wire, thread, string, bottles, fabric, you name it... it was down there.

Everything was organized and labeled.

The tools and the hardware were my favorite.

DIY Vintage Spool Photo Display.

A box of wire on vintage spools caught my eye for this project.

DIY Repurposed Vintage Spool Photo Display.

I wrapped thick wire around a dowel a few times to create a circle that would hold a photo.

Repurposed Vintage Spool Photo Display.

Then I glued the wire into the spool and tied on a piece of jute.  

Repurposed Spool Photo Display.

Project finished and these spools are now preserved 
and have a new life in someone else's home.

Going around one more time!

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