Speckled Egg Painted Mason Jars

The season is fast approaching for nests, birds, and eggs...

Three speckled mason jars

and Easter is right around the corner!

While choosing a chalk paint color to paint my newest
batch of painted Mason Jars...  Duck Egg Blue jumped
out at me... such a beautiful Spring color!

With a foot of snow still outside on my deck, 
I'm desperate for a little Spring!

coat of light blue paint on mason jars

I realized while painting the jars how much the color matched a pretty speckled Egg that was sitting on my workbench from another project.

Supplies needed for this project:

Mason jar and speckled egg

The jars were almost the perfect blue, now on to the next step... 

I made brown chalk paint using a mixture of green and orange but you can purchase brown chalked paint. 

I splattered the Duck Egg Mason Jars with the brown paint on a toothbrush to create the speckled egg look.

Three speckled mason jars and carrot

Truth be told... this is not a neat project. I ended up
looking like a speckled egg myself by the time I was finished.

The jars came out beautiful and such a great decoration for the Spring!

Three speckled mason jars with carrot

Fill them with flowers, 
they make beautiful Easter gifts too!

mason jar pin

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