Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

Truth be told.... this shutter sat outside for a while...
It has a nice, natural weathered patina...

Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

I began by removing some of the shutters and 
taking off the piece on the back 
that made the slats open and close. 
I wanted the slats I left on the shutter to be closed...

The slats now work great to hold small notes.

Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

A small piece of trim molding holds the chalk. I cut
a piece of chalkboard and a piece of cork to fit 
the opening. They are both supported on the back
with a piece of thin wood that fits into the space.

Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

I created small decorative tacks by using E6000 
to attach a game piece to a thumb tack.

Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

The weathered patina on this shutter is perfect...
no need for paint or stain this time!

The shutter works as an adorable little organizer for
a narrow area in the kitchen or mud room.

Weathered Repurposed Shutter Organizer

Stay tuned to Homeroad for more repurposed
shutter ideas coming soon!

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  1. if only it could be so easy for ME to be organized, I'd have one of these fabulous projects in each room!

    Love your repurposed shutter organizer Susan!



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