A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover

This garage sale dresser was a great find... it was old, clean, and has a great style...

The dresser sat in my garage for a month... you would think I could have taken a before picture. Truth be told... I may have I just don't know where it may have ended up. 

I was inspired by the Ballard catalog that comes to my house each month... a beautiful two toned dresser... white with light blue drawers and dark hardware. 

I started out by cleaning the piece very well using Krud Kutter... it is a product we use in the shop to clean furniture. It removes grease and any stains that may be on the piece.

The drawers get a couple coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg Blue. 

A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover www.homeroad.net

The body of the dresser is painted in Pure White. The only problem I find with painting vintage furniture with Pure White is the occasional bleed through that happens. Even after cleaning the piece well stains can appear through the white paint.  

A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover www.homeroad.net

I fix this problem with Zinsser Bulls Eye Spray Shellac. Spray the shellac over the stain, wait for it to dry, then repaint with the Chalk Paint®. Problem solved!

The original handles on this dresser were actually wooden knobs. I wanted to change the look so I needed to change the holes in the drawers. I made myself a template of the holes on the hardware I wanted to use. For the top drawers I put the old hole in the center and marked for the new handle holes on either side. The bottom drawers were a little easier. I used one original hole and marked the right spacing for the other hole. 

A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover www.homeroad.net

I drilled the holes and added the new hardware. I chose oil rubbed bronze cup pulls from

D. Lawless Hardware has a fantastic selection of knobs, pulls, and handles. They also have specialty items like castors, decorative key holes, and hinges. I love that your order is shipped quickly and orders over $50 ship for free!

When the new handles were attached I distressed the edges of the dresser to give it an aged look... I don't like anything that looks too new and perfect.

A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover www.homeroad.net

The last touch are a couple of oil rubbed bronze keyhole escutcheons. D Lawless Hardware had a great selection of these too and that final touch was all I needed to finish my Ballard inspired dresser.

A Ballard Inspired Two Toned Dresser Makeover www.homeroad.net

* Working in the driveway gave me a reflection on the dresser on my pictures which was hard to avoid. 

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*D Lawless Hardware provided me with the hardware for this project and I couldn't be happier with the selection and the customer service.

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