DIY Montauk Destination Sign

A specially made sign with a custom color...

Montauk sign

I am often asked to create custom work... "Can you make me a sign that says ____" or "I'd love to have this but in a different color...."

Frankly, custom orders are not easy! 

I am always worried that it won't turn out the way the client envisioned the project so I shy away from custom work.

This week someone wanted a sign that said "Montauk"... 

Montauk is a beach town at the very end of Long Island. 

It juts out into the ocean and is a huge tourist destination. 

Seemed easy enough so I agreed to make the sign.

The client asked to have the sign painted in Navy Blue. 

There are many Navy Blue paints out there but since I have a lot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in my workshop, I decided to mix the colors I had to create a custom Navy Blue color. 

Mixing colors to get Navy blue

For this project I mixed one part Graphite with 2 parts Napoleonic Blue and created a beautiful shade of Navy Blue.

When the new paint color dried I printed out the word MONTAUK on my printer. 

Using graphite paper, I traced over the printed letters. 

The traced letters came out on the board and it was easy to see where to paint. 

Painting white letters on navy blue

I used Old White to hand paint the letters inside the lines.

Montauk painted sign

When the lettering dried I gave the sign a good sanding to give it a rustic, beachy look.

A Destination Sign saying Montauk

The client is coming to the shop to pick up her sign and I hope she likes the custom color I created just for her. 

Maybe we should call it "Montauk Blue".

A Montauk Destination Sign

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