How to Create a Simple Sage Wreath

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This wreath started out in my garden. 

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

A pot full of perennial sage.

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

I cut down a handful of boughs and gathered my supplies. 

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

A clipper for the thicker stems, green floral wire, and a metal wreath form.

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

I began by wiring small bunches of sage to the wire wreath form and continued all the way around the form.

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

The smell in the room is fabulous!

When you've gone all the way around the wreath form, you're finished!

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

The sage wreath is ready to hang. 

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Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden

Information on the framed bulletin board can be found {here}

I'm hoping the wreath dries so it will continue to look beautiful but if not it is easy to take apart and redo in the same way with evergreen for the next holiday.

Herbal Sage DIY Wreath from the garden
The room smells great and the wreath looks beautiful!

Here is all you need to create your own wreath... 
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  1. looks like a great addition to your rooms. maybe if it doesn't hold up, you could just add some greens to the top and still get the smell for the holidays.

  2. that's my kinda wreath! I love the texture...that it smells good and it's real :)

  3. This is so pretty! I have a nice sage plant outside too - not sure that I want to cut it back but after seeing this it's tempting. Great project!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Looking really great! I make Advent Corollas (kind of wreath, but for table, with 4 candles) using sage. It lasts all Advent period and longer. Smells good, too 😊

  5. I'll bet it smells wonderful! Going to try and make it to the library fair next month. =)



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