A Display Shelf for Selling Projects

The time came for Homeroad to move to a smaller
but fabulous spot at the Antique store. 

A Display Shelf for Selling Projects
You can read all about the move, the new piece, and the reasons why here.

Here we are... a new year, a new spot, and a new attitude!

Here is the spot I moved to and here is the DIY Display Piece I created for this spot.

An empty painted Display Shelf for Selling Projects

I strategically spaced out the shelves so there would be a large space on the bottom of the cabinet for large items. I also added hooks down the side of the cabinet for more display space. 

A Display Shelf for Selling Projects in an Antique store

I added small clips along the inside edge of the cabinet to hang smaller things along the edges.

small clip to hang items in a cabinet

If you look closely you will see that not only is there a lot of room on the top of the cabinet but there is a wall with nails behind the cabinet which I'm also going to use.

A Display Shelf top for Selling Projects

This cabinet happily holds an amazing amount of stuff!

Display cabinet for farmhouse items

The large shelf space at the bottom worked out perfectly for larger pieces, I can even stack things in on small pedestals. 

Creating DIY display shelves.

The cabinet is totally my style, filled with handmade and thrifted farmhouse style items.

A Display Shelf for repurposed projects

A Display Shelf for DIY Projects

A Display Shelf for Selling DIY Projects

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