Create Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Cutter

Today has been a quick one. I've been a sign making fool!

Create Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Cutter

I love the week between Christmas and the New Year. I'm a teacher and honestly I barely get dressed all week. Yoga pants, sweatshirts and slippers are the uniform of the week and I have to keep asking my husband the day of the week. 

Today I decided to get some work done. My new 2018 mantra is GROW and to do that I need to get busy!

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Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Cutter

I cut out a whole bunch of stencils using my Silhouette vinyl cutting machine. (it's at a great price too!) 

I just discovered Oracal 813 stencil film and I'm loving it! It is semi-transparent so it is easy to see where you're placing the stencil on the wood. 

DIY Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Cutter

I bought wood in 6' lengths and painted one side of the entire length. When the paint was dry I cut the wood to size and stenciled on my words using a flat stencil brush

Stenciling DIY Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Cutter

I left the sides and the back of the sign raw wood because when I'm finished I'm going to glaze the entire sign with Rustoleum Transformations Decorative Glaze. I found it at Home Depot. It not only stains the wood, but it antiques the front of the sign. It cleans up easily too which is almost the best part!

Creating DIY Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Stencil

I was in my workshop all day today, coming up only to eat. 

 DIY Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Stencil

When I was finished I had completed a whole new batch of rustic signs and I have to say they are some of   my best work yet!

 DIY Rustic Signs Using a Vinyl Stencil and a Silhouette Machine

I will be adding them to my Etsy Shop soon!


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  1. Love your signs, they look great! I keep thinking the sign craze will fade, but it seems to be going strong still...

  2. You shared such great info on the stencil film and how you use it Susan. You inspired me. My next post has a link back to this post. I bought the film and tried it out this week. Post comes out Thursday at 7 am.


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