Hot Cocoa Bar for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around all bets are off.

Hot cocoa bar in an enamelware tiered tray

My no-sugar gig is about to be in great danger. 

Starting with our hot cocoa bar. 

Beverage bar with coffee, tea and hot cocoa for the holidays

I make one every year and my grown children love it. Personally I will try to stay away from the sweets but it isn't going to be easy. 

Hot cocoa bar for the holidays with tea and coffee

This year my tiered tray came from  
I often find things I can't resist on that site and anything enamelware is good with me!

I save the pretty jars from the jam we use, the red and white lids are perfect for this project. I filled them with candy canes and mini marshmallows.

Recycled jars for candy canes and mini marshmallows

I added herbal tea, plastic spoons, sugar, and coffee pods to make it a complete beverage bar. 

The Poland Spring hot water dispenser is right next to the table so boiling water is just steps away. 

Hot cocoa bar in an enamelware tiered tray

A wooden candy cane, Santa mugs, and a sprig of Christmas greenery completes the look. 

Enamelware tiered tray with hot cocoa, tea and coffee beverages

What are you waiting for? 
You know you want to make one too!
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