Recycle Old Christmas Cards to Use Next Christmas!

I'm always looking for a way to repurpose so this 
recycled project was easy!

How to Recycle Old Christmas Cards


Before you throw away all those beautiful Christmas cards... grab a scissor!

How to Recycle Old Christmas Cards to Use Next Christmas!

Ever since we've been married I've recycled our Christmas cards. 

Why not get one more year out of those beautiful cards? 

Recycle Old Christmas Cards to Use Next Christmas!

I cut off the front of the card then cut it into tag shapes.

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You can also use a tag shaped hole puncher

Or how about some other fun shapes?...

Cut old christmas cards into new gift tags

Some tags are large and some very small, sometimes several from the same card.

Christmas cards recycled for one more year

Punch a hole with a hole puncher and add a little baker's twine, jute, or even a clothespin.

How to recycle your Christmas cards.

I keep the tags on a loose leaf binder ring and they are ready to pack away with my holiday wrap for next year!

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A star tag from a Christmas Card

Christmas cards get a new life next year

Saving the beautiful cards for another year and 
using repurposed tags for next year instead of buying new.

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  1. I have a dear friend who introduced me to this practice years ago. She's much more religious about it than me but I'm always very proud when I remember to do it!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. LOL it's an easy DIY and I'm always so glad when I open the wrap box next year and find them!

  2. I have an aunt that does this marking back to my childhood and I followed her lead. Love recreating cards from old ones, I do this year round with almost all cards. Just a fun idea and it's awesome you shared this with others.

    1. Year round is a great idea Carole! Birthday cards are a great idea to put on Birthday gifts!

  3. Thanks so much Wendy. I'm sure I'm not the first but we've been doing it for 27 years ! Happy New Year!

  4. I make these tags from my cards too! I have even been known to evaluate a card for it's potential before I open and read it! And if the person wrote a personal note on the backside of the face of the card I can be sorta miffed! I'm overrun with them at the present because my 2 kids and Hubs give them back and I reuse them year after year. They sold fairly well at our church silent auction when I offered packs of a couple dozen or so for sale.

  5. I made some Christmas cards from recycled cards this year - used an ornament die to make embellishments for new cards!

    1. Jerri that sounds like a great idea! Any time we can repurpose or recycle to create something new and fun is great!

  6. Been doing this for years but I use pinking shears to add a decorative edge.


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