How to Repair a Broken Family Heirloom

I was sent this beautiful old tile trivet from my aunt.

This trivet has been around a long time. It is commemorating the 300th anniversary of our town, which was already over 60 years ago. 

The trivet came to me in the mail with a note that said I should have this and make it into something cool but that it had a crack in the tile that would need to be repaired. 

It took me a while to decide the best way to fix the crack and to best pay respect to this vintage piece. 

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I glued the crack with E6000 glue then coated the whole tile with triple thick sealer so the crack wasn't quite as noticeable. 

There really was no easy way to make the crack disappear completely but I decided that imperfections are the beauty of age. (Something I now tell myself on a daily basis) 

I glued the tile to a plywood backing then made a thin wooden frame around it. I stained the frame when the glue dried then nailed a thick jute rope around the frame for hanging.

This tile was vintage, it was from our home town, it is now rustic, but best of all it was from the home of my aunt's mother, Grandma Helen and I am so happy to have it!

Thank you Aunt Marilyn! 

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