Make Your Own Felted Wool Beaded Garland

         I've been eyeing those wooden bead garlands but you know as a DIYer I couldn't actually pay for one. Today I'm making something similar! 

tiered tray with garland and jar of silver beads

Every time I walked past a bowl of felted wool garland leftover from my holiday decorations, I thought it looked just like those wooden bead garlands with the jute tassels.

Hmm, you know, now I have an idea!

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Felted Wool Beaded Garland in a bowl

I made a couple of jute tassels by wrapping the jute around a card and tying it off. 

I cut the end then tied one to the end of my felted holiday garland. 

jute tassel

I cut the garland into 3 pieces the same length. 

You can buy the balls by visiting this affiliate link. Michaels has the garlands on sale too. 

While I'm at it... why not make 3 and sell them right? I did and they sold right away! 

I easily added a tassel to the end of each of the 3 sections by attaching them to the original string that went through the center. 

felt garland with tassels

This worked and the felted one is even cooler than the wooden beads!   I'm so happy with the results, I just love felted wool!

Interested in the sentimental story about the painting in the background? You can go {here} to read all about it. 

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tiered tray with candle and felted garland

tray with mason jar and felted garland

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