Burlap Boo Banner for Halloween

I saw a similar project on a website that I loved but wanted to make one for myself in my own style. 

burlap stenciled B with beads

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The first step is to cut banner flag shapes from burlap

My burlap pennants are about 4" by 6". 

You can read more about a great source for inexpensive burlap in this tutorial. 

Burlap cut into banner flags

I only cut 3 because my banner word only has 3 letters. 

After cutting the pieces I painted the front of the flags with chalky paint in an off white color. 

Painting a burlap flag white for the banner

I didn't coat the entire flag but concentrated more paint in the center where I was going to stencil. 

Painted burlap banner flag

I let the flags dry near a fan on a rack so the paint that seeps through the burlap wouldn't stick to the table. 

When the paint was dry I added small eyelet grommets to the ends of the flags to string the jute through. 

Container of grommets and grommet grip

These small grommets gave the burlap flags a finished look. 

3 painted banners with white paint

Next it was time to stencil. 

I used cardboard letter stencils with a fancy font and black craft paint. 

I bought these stencils at Michaels Craft Store but there are similar on Amazon, you can check out the suggestions at the bottom of this post. 

Stenciling a B on a burlap flag

When the black letters were dry I used jute string and wooden beads to string the banner together

Burlap flags stenciled with BOO in black

B stenciled burlap banner

That's all there was to this easy and adorable project! 


You can also make it say whatever you want! 

How about FALL? 



Framed bulletin board with Boo banner hanging and bee tacks

I hung it on the bulletin board I made a while back which is similar to this one. 


Wooden bowl and framed bulletin board with boo banner

I actually like this banner better than the one I saw to begin with. 

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White metal file cabinet with wooden bowl, framed bulletin board and boo banner

You can read all about this metal hardware cabinet I repainted by visiting the bold link. 

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