Eight Ideas for Repurposing Cabinet Doors

For a long time now I've been repurposing cabinet doors. At one time I had the chance to collect all the cabinet doors I wanted from a store that was going out of business. 
trunk full of cabinet doors and hardware.

I now have enough cabinet doors to last me the rest of my life and I'm sharing my ideas with you! 

The first project of the 8 I'm sharing with you today is the serving tray. 

You can read all about that post by visiting this post.

Milk and cream stenciled cabinet

Another project I made with the cabinet doors was the modern chalkboard message center I made for my daughter. 

You can read that tutorial by visiting this post.

Blonde wood chalkboard and basket with hook for keys

Next I made a fun flower box on a cabinet door. 

It was one of the simplest projects yet and looks adorable! 

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green cabinet door with wooden basket

Next up is the craft storage for small containers I made and painted one of my favorite colors. 

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light green shelf attached to cabinet door

Now for a project for the garden shed, this repurposed cabinet door looks gorgeous in garden green. 

Visit the tutorial here.

chalkboard eraser and chalk on a Scrabble shelf

The next repurposed cabinet project is for all of you with too much jewelry and not enough space to organize. 

Check that tutorial by visiting this post.

jewelry hanging from a bar on a cabinet door.

This project is for out on the shed, the bronze color filled with beautiful flowers couldn't be better. 

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bronze recycled can on a cabinet door

green cabinet with overlay

upcycled memo board with overlay

The last project, for now, is an alternative to a Christmas wreath. 

Hang it on the front door or in the house for a gorgeous wooden holiday statement. 

Visit the instructions here.

Christmas greenery and glitter on a cabinet door

I hope you found something you love for your next repurposed cabinet door project. 

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