Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dutch Boy Paint

I was contacted by Dutch Boy Paints 
to do a post on their paint....


This is the first time I'm testing a product for a 
company and I decided to give it a try....

 First we chose a room that needed painting...

That would be my daughter's room, the very bright pink is a hand-me-down color from her older sister... 

Kerry is the third sister to occupy this room!

Very bright pink!

Kerry picked the color....
she chose Soft Terrain 


After patching, priming and preparing the walls, 
we got busy painting....

Ok, so really my husband painted...
(someone had to take the pictures)

 According to Jim...
the paint went on very smoothly, 
evenly and quickly
"It was good paint to work with."

Now bear with us because Kerry's
decorating isn't finished yet... 


 She's earning money for her new room decor...

The best part is the Dutch Boy Paint, 
the color is gorgeous!

Kerry is very happy to have her new room!
Thank you Dutch Boy,
we love the paint!

Susan & Kerry


  1. Love the color. Dutch boy has always been one of my first choices.

  2. Oooooh! I LOVE that color!! Might have to do MY room. It's NEVER been painted and I've been in my home 15 years!!! Glad to know it went smoothly. Will be my FIRST choice of paint!! Thanks for the review!

  3. What a transformation! Love the new color. I have many rooms that need to be painted in my home.
    Thanks for the review.


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