White Wall Cubbies for the Bathroom

I love the white wall cubbies in the PB catalog this year.

How to make DIY bathroom shelves. Homeroad.net

So I set out to make one for myself.

I began with another roadside find, U.G.L.Y. but it had much potential.

White Wall Cubbies for the Bathroom. Homeroad.net

I removed the backing because it was a crazy 1 1/2" thick!

Next I glued all the shelves together with wood glue.

I doubled up wood shims, cut each one to size and added them to the front of the shelves so there would be a ledge on each shelf.

Creating a wall shelf for a small bathroom. Homeroad.net

I had to think about what I wanted to use for a backing piece.

How to make a wall shelf for a bathroom. Homeroad.net

On the last wall cubbie I made, I used fabric for the backing, this time I cut a piece of masonite to size and nailed it on.

I painted, sanded and clear waxed the whole piece with 
Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White.

Then I nailed on some metal labels from Michaels,

Making a white wall shelf for the master bathroom. Homeroad.net

I quickly hung it up in my master bathroom before anyone else decided to snag it for their bathroom!

How to make a DIY wall shelf for the master bathroom. Homeroad.net

It was the perfect spot for it!

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