How to Make Flatware Stockings

Here's a cute little way to serve your flatware 
for Christmas dinner a la Pottery Barn.
Christmas DIY flatware stockings for the dinner table
I decided to make my own today.

With right sides of a cotton muslin fabric together...
Muslin fabric DIY flatware stockings

I sewed around the stocking leaving a rather long leg on the top of the stocking for rolling.
How to make Christmas flatware Stockings

Turn the stocking right-side-out, add a heart, fold down the top two times and press.
Muslin flatware stockings for Christmas
Then make more, enough for your whole family.
DIY Muslin flatware stockings for Christmas
Next, if you're like me and just because you're on a roll you cut some out of a different fabric!
DIY Black and white utensil stockings for the holidays
This time I did not roll down the top, I liked the ragged edge. 


Then make a whole bunch more! 
How to make utensil stockings for the holidays

And because you always want to have extras for when unexpected guests stop by...
                      Black and white utensil stockings for the holidays
Make another bundle!

Now we're prepared for Christmas Eve 
and Christmas Day!
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