Lamp Revamp Series

6:00:00 AM

Welcome to a 5 part series:  
"What can be done with an old lamp!"

Picture if you will, a lamp found on the side of the road.

A very large lamp... 4 feet high, very ornate 
and weighing about 50 lbs...
(It must have come from someone's castle!)

5 projects from one found lamp

It was brought home not by me this time, 
but by my dumpster diving daughter... 

Now even I had second thoughts about this one... 

5 projects from one found lamp

It sat in the garage for a very long time....

I couldn't help myself any longer...
I had to do something with it...

5 projects from one found lamp

  So I took it apart.... 

5 projects from one found lamp

and the more I unscrewed, the more excited I became....

5 projects from one found lamp

Look at all this good stuff!

Now my creative mind was racing....
I was thinking candle holder....

5 projects from one found lamp

and candle stick....

5 projects from one found lamp

I even thought these pieces would make some very cool hooks...
 (maybe even a whole line of them)

5 projects from one found lamp

I'm even thinking planter...
(maybe even a little bright colored spray paint????)

5 projects from one found lamp

The possibilities were endless!

See just what I did make with all these lamp pieces...

 lamp project #1
 lamp project #2
 lamp project #3
 lamp project #4
 lamp project #5


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  1. WOW!! Can't wait to see what you did. The hooks took me over the top!

  2. What a teaser post. But I agree - there are some great pieces there to work with.

  3. Susan those are really neat ideas !! I love the first candle holder idea !

  4. That is some lamp, Susan! Just look at all those pieces! I'll bet you come up with some original ideas for them and I can't wait to see.

  5. Holy cow! so many possibilities there. That's a treasure. Can't wait to see what you did.

  6. What an ornate piece. I am looking forward to seeing how it transforms. Good luck!

  7. This is great! So many new things out of one! And its wonderful that your daughter goes dumpster diving for you. Just found your blog. Love what I have read so far.

  8. You are a woman after my own heart. This is one of my favorite things to do. So many possibilities. Awesome curbside find.

  9. what a lucky person you are.
    Give that daughter a big hug, she has made you happy endless times.
    I am so proud for you


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