Sunday, January 30, 2011

Treasure Box

Treasure box??... not so much... needs work!
(oops! reflection of my daughter's "hand painting" in the mirror)
 First it needed a good sanding and wiping with a tack cloth.
Next I gave it several coats of white paint.
(I used ceiling white because that's all I had on hand)
 Then I printed out a No. 2 in a font I liked.
And in order to transfer it to the top of the box, I scribbled with pencil on the back and traced right over the top of the letters.
 Next I sanded down the edges, across the top and on the letters to give it an aged look.
 I coated the whole box with Butchers Wax to protect the flat finish
and then put the hardware back on the box.
(darn mirror again, this time reflecting my slip-covered bench across the room)

And that's it... now we can call it a real "treasure box"!
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Great TJMaxx Find

 I found this great Mercury Glass like bottle at TJMaxx today. 
                                  And I had a great idea!!
 I went right to my buddy The Graphics Fairy...
and found this great vintage perfume bottle label...
 I printed it out and distressed the edges with Distress Ink...
Then it hit me! 
I remembered this great candle I had.... it looks just like a cork!
A French cork!!!!
 And believe it or not... it fit perfectly!
(Some things were just meant to be!)
And if that wasn't great enough!!!
It drips!!!
The candle is a drip candle that runs down the bottle and down the label and it looks sooo cool! 
How great is this TJMaxx find?
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bee-utiful Pillow

I made this pillow....
 and it was a little boring...
even the little bow didn't seem to help very much....
and I was blogging along....
when I came across this GREAT site...
and this guy Michael... (yes I said guy).... love that!
...made these great signs!
....and I loved the bee Michael painted! I thought.... why not paint a bee on my pillow?
What's the worst that could happen? That I hate it? 
So I'll make it again.... (because that's just what I do).... 
So with Michael's bee as my inspiration... (literally)
I painted the bee on my pillow....
 There, now the pillow isn't so boring!
 I think it actually came out pretty good...
 What do you think?
(Thanks Michael!)

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A Great Big Thank You Singer!

Let me tell you about one of the best gifts I've ever received in my life...

In 1976 I got this Singer sewing machine from my old boyfriend.
(Chris, if you were ever good for anything... it was this)

I think it cost about $75 bucks back then... 
which was a small fortune at the time I'm sure...

 ...and let me tell you...
this little machine probably has over 100,000 miles on it.

 Over the past 30+ years... I've used this sewing machine for 
everything from making bathing suits when I was a teenager 
(can you even imagine?)

to curtains, slipcovers and pillows for my first few apartments. 
I've made zillions of little dresses for my 4 daughters (xoxoxo), and countless crafts, gifts, and home decor for my house and family over the years.

 ...and the best part... it has not needed even 5 minutes of maintenance!

 I did lose the pedal once but someone I knew had an old one and it fit! Lucky Day!

There are guide marks drawn on the surface that helped me through many a project...
and so...
I just want to say "Thanks little buddy" for sticking with me through the years and being truly a friend I could hang with!

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Laundry" and "Create" door signs

This is my bathroom door...
I made this sign several years ago.

Today I'm making a "laundry" sign and a sign for my 
craft room/office ~ "create"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Mantel

As long as we are snowed in today...

I might as well get to work on Valentine's Day

I'll start with a little Valentine Subway art...


 ...and add some Valentine garland...

 and a stuffed pillow or two....

 ...add a couple of my "love-ly" pillows...

 ...and her ya go... instant Valentine mantel...
(ok, maybe not instant)
(another big thanks for the "be-mine" printable!)

...and don't forget to decorate the window too...

Happy Snow Day!
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