Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bathroom Storage Solutions

What did I do with my Deco Steals baskets?

I turned them into a shelf for my bathroom...

Using old rusty metal brackets, I
 attached the baskets to the wooden crate...

Soda can tabs are inexpensive hangers...
a very clever trick!

Then I hung it on the wall in my bathroom...

right next to the driftwood shelf I
hung over the door for extra storage...

which is directly across from the ladder
towel holder I hung near the window...

Wall-to-wall rustic storage solutions 
for this teeny tiny bathroom.



  1. How did you attach the basket to the ladder? Awesome ideas.

  2. Cute idea! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Pin. If I make even half the things of yours that I love I'm gonna have a Homeroad knock off house.


    1. Haha... your comments always have such moxy!

      I love this too Susan! All your stuff rocks! Sign me up on Bliss' bandwagon for the knockoff team!

  4. Love! Love! Love! Where did you find the ladder?

  5. Question... The shelf over your bathroom door, how do you attach that to the wall? We're not the DIY people much and can't figure out how to do that look so you don't see all the hardware.

    1. The shelf is held up with "L" brackets that are attached on the top of the shelf. The cups are hiding the brackets.... works great and hides the brackets.

  6. Ah yet more inspiration. Awesome inspiration I might add. Off later today to look at my bathroom in a new way. ;-)

  7. I saw this pinned on pinterest...and repinned...and am just coming over to see it live and in person. I absolutely love it.
    I like all the great storage ideas in your tiny bathroom.
    I too have a tiny bathroom-- 1.
    One. tiny. bathroom.


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