How to Make a Mailing Envelope Package

Packing envelope made from cardboard

I was out of mailing envelopes but
I had an idea to make my own from 
materials I already had on hand.

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I began with a roll of corrugated cardboard and some foam wrapping sheets. You can use pieces from a re-cycled cardboard box and small bubble wrap saved from packages.

How about cutting up the Amazon envelopes and repurposing them? 

Layers of cardboard and styrofoam liner

I folded the 2 pieces together leaving a small area on the top for a flap and then added Washi tape for detail.

Folded cardboard envelope with washi tape detail

Using my heavy duty sewing machine, I sewed down both sides of the envelope keeping the tension on the machine quite loose.

And as a side note, if you're in the market for a sewing machine, this machine is heavy duty and simple to use. No bells and whistles, just pure sewing! You can find it by visiting the bold link above. 

Sewing machine sewing the cardboard

This was so easy to do and took no time at all! 

Cardboard envelope with washi tape and sewed sides

The envelopes can be made small or large depending on the size of the items needed to send. 

Brown cardboard packing envelope

I addressed the front of the envelope, folded down the flap and sealed the package using clear packing tape.

Pile of DIY packing envelopes ready for the mail

My Etsy items were safely on their way.
The packaging was original, free, and secure!

Not only that but I've gotten quite a few comments on 
how cool the packing was that the items came in! 

Pinterest pin with sewing machine and cardboard

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