Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Mailing Envelope

I was out of mailing envelopes so 
I had an idea to make my own from 
materials on hand.

I began with a roll of corrugated cardboard and some foam can use pieces from a re-cycled cardboard box and bubble wrap you've saved from packages.

I folded the 2 pieces together leaving a small area for a flap. 
I added Washi tape for detail.

Using my sewing machine, I sewed down both sides of the envelope...

I addressed the front of the envelope, folded down the flap and sealed using clear 
packing tape.

My Etsy items were safely on their way.
The packaging was original, free, and secure!


  1. Susan that's awesome! Looks great too, very clever girl!

  2. SO smart! I am ALWAYS looking for a new type of mailing envelope! Thanks so much for sharing!

    robin :-)

  3. this is a great idea for Christmas present mailing...


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