Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Antique Flower Box

I transformed this old gate into an antique flower box...

I cut the wood to a nice long length. This box will be 2' long.

The side pieces on my flower box are rounded 
so I rounded the end pieces to match...

Using painters tape as a top and bottom guide for my letters, 
I hand painted the word antiques onto the box.

The reclaimed wood is a beautiful aged color 
with a hint of whitewash.

It makes a beautiful table centerpiece 
or flower box! 
Can you see it filled with
pumpkins and gourds, 
or pinecones at Christmas?



  1. That turned out really cute! I just love old age worn wood.

  2. Love this! You are such a creative genius!

  3. I need to make some of these I love them! You did an awesome job I love how you didn't center the word antiques ;)

  4. That is adorable and would look really good in the bathroom. Nice idea.

  5. VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! But I like the old Gate too... ;o)

  6. I love this, Susan! Yes, I can see this filled with lots of decorating ideas for the holidays and everyday. Such a great size and I love the way it fits in the center of your table.

  7. That's cute and I happen to need a long centerpiece for my dining room table.


  8. yep I see it,, I love it. I need to get busy building one for my kitchen..

  9. Very nice! I can see all sorts of vignettes in that.

  10. Love it!! How fun it would be to decorate with this for all the different seasons.


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