Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Metal Pedestal

A new metal tart pan found on clearance...

is attached to a metal thrift store candlestick.

The top is scrubbed with steel wool giving it a brushed metal finish...

Add your medium glass cloche and you have 
beautiful centerpiece...


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  1. Soooo pretty! I could see it piled high with cupcakes and other goodies for Easter!


  2. FABULOUS!!! I love it and I'm gonna give this one a chance! Hope I can find a thick tart dish like yours, cause the ones I've seen are of thin tin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. so sweet! Love the stand even without the cloche!


  4. I think I have a similar set up. My trouble isn't making a cloche it's ever putting something under them! They all sit empty.


  5. WOW! What a CLEVER idea! I've only recently started taking notice of blogs about homemaking, and am absolutely LOVING cloches, which aren't so widely available here in the UK, or at least, not unless you can afford to pay an arm and a leg, lol, so any thrifty ideas of how to make different stands for them to sit on in order to give a different look, are VERY welcome. Many thanks for sharing.



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