The Best Dollar Store Plates

It all started with great ceramic 
Dollar Tree mugs.

While in the dollar store several years ago I found these fabulous dollar store plates

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They reminded me so much of the white Emma Pottery Barn dishes I love so much.

But these were from the dollar store, $1.00 each. How good could they be? How well could they hold up?

I bought 4 mugs, if they worked out, I'd be back for the rest of the set. Well, they worked out great!

A few months later, the mugs didn't chip, didn't crack, and didn't break.

They were awesome! 

So I went back to Dollar Tree to buy the rest of the set but needless to say... they were gone!

For an entire year, I checked back on those plates. 

I even checked Dollar Tree online.

Pottery Barn Like Dollar Store Plates and mugs

And then, one day, they were there! 

How excited was I to have found these plates?!

I bought 20 of them!

Inexpensive dollar store dishes that last!

and 20 soup bowls!

White Inexpensive dollar store dishes that last!

They are our new everyday dishes. 

They go through the dishwasher, get thrown into the sink, and are banged around every day by teenagers.

So far... no chips and no broken dishes!

I am a plate addict and these are the best dishes I've ever owned. 

I can now downsize to these and my ironstone only! 

Goodwill here they come!

White Inexpensive dollar store dishes perfect for the holidays.

They are so beautiful that I even used them at Thanksgiving and used  DIY chargers under them which makes them look even better.

Inexpensive dollar store dishes perfect for the holidays.

See them being used as my Easter table setting.

The dollar store.... go figure!

And by the way, it's now been 7 years and they are still in great shape. 

I still have 19 of them and I have seen them at the dollar store many times since!

Update: December 2019 I found them in my local dollar store again! I replaced the one I broke and bought 8 new cereal bowls. If you are a plate addict and you see them, grab them!

They are my go to dishes for holidays and every day!

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  1. I have been wanting to go to white or cream colored dishes...hmmm never even thought about dollar tree. Going to have to make a pit stop and see what I can find! Thank you!!! ~Kim (a closet follower)

    1. Hi Kim! (closet follower)
      You will love them! I hope you find some!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I've seen those, but I didn't realize they would truly be that good.
    Your table is really pretty and the runner is fabulous.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I want a set! They never have enough at our store!

  4. I have those plates actually and I thought the SAME thing when I bought them.- Pottery Barn'ish We have had ours for about a year as well and they have held up so well. The only thing is that I NEED some salad plates, I have been searching for them at Dollar Stores all over and have yet to find them. I DID find some similar at Target but they look a bit different.

  5. I have been wondering about them myself. Hmmm... Now I am going to go pick me up a set ... or 2 , or 3 :-)
    Glad to know they hold up well. One can never have too many white dished.
    Thanks Susan!!
    Hugs, Gee

  6. I have seen these - or something very similar. And I have some white mugs from them that I love- again very similar. Haven't bought all the plates, etc. - but yep - I agree... Dollar Store plates are money well spent!

  7. They are pretty! How come I never see them at my local ones???? Now I've got to go hunting!


  8. OK, you've convinced me to go and see if our Dollar Tree has them. The table looks so beautiful!!

  9. Funny I have them too! I love white dishes!

  10. I LOVE THEM, too! My mom bought me 10 each of the plates and bowls for Christmas after I went on and on about them a few months prior. They show up in all my recipe posts now. :) I DO NOT have the mugs, however, and now I'm a little jealous of yours! Time to hit up the Dollar Store, I'd say. :)

  11. Susan that is a great find. Sometimes you truly hit gold in those dollar stores. I too love the PB Emma set but kids are tough (and sometimes not so careful) so that's a hefty price to pay. So great to hear the frugal version is holding up well, now I'm on the hunt!

  12. So pretty! I've been wanting to get white dishes...thinking I need to make a trip to the Dollar Tree.

  13. How do they do as far as knife, fork marks? I love how they look.

  14. They had those here too and I looked twice at them but with my plate collection for smashing and making mosaics I told myself the family would think I nuts to bring home more plates.


  15. Great to know! Dollar Tree won't know what hit them when we all rush in to buy these white dishes!!

  16. These have been in our Dollar Tree for a couple of years and they don't last long when they get the plates in. They usually have the bowls and mugs, but not the plates.

  17. Those dishes are awesome! They don't look like they came from the dollar store! I will be keeping my eyes open for them! Thanks for sharing! I found you on Give Me The Goods Monday and will be following you every way!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  18. I also love the PB Emma dishes so this is great to know - thanks for sharing! :)

  19. Wow what a deal! They look like something from Pottery Barn! I would love to have these!

    Thanks for sharing at Give Me the Goods Monday link party and hope you join us again next week!

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly

  20. Beautiful serving set and what a brilliant price! Can't beat that!

  21. I bought these mugs from the dollar store too for decorating with permanent markers and baking:) Love them!

  22. I also bought 20 of these plates from the dollar tree in Atlanta last year and wish so badly I would have bought bowls. I MUST go check out my local dollar tree to see if they have more. When I bought my plates Clark Howard was behind me checking out and made a comment on the good deal I was getting! Ha! Great find !!!

  23. They are beautiful. I’m thinking about changing my every day dishes too. I like the grey and white color They do not have the salad plates though. Going hunting for it now.
    Thanks for sharing.


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