Treasured Nautical Signs

A walk on the beach after Hurricane Sandy
yielded a treasure of cast-offs.

wooden beach sign

This piece is one of my favorites... 

the rusty nails and a random piece of weathered brass are original bling to this driftwood.

Driftwood with BEACH painted on it

Another driftwood oak floor board was found painted on both sides... makes me wonder where it came from?

How far did this piece drift?

Hurricane Sandy was catastrophic to our local communities here on Long Island.

There is a certain sadness in finding pieces that may have been part of someone else's loving home or boat.

SURF driftwood sign

Adding a word to each piece created original driftwood signs reminding us of summer. 

Memories, the lure of the beach, and the importance of re-purposing something that was sure to become trash.

blue surf sign

Surf sign on driftwood

Another painted shingle in beautiful "Martha Green" got my house number and became a beautiful plaque.

green .12 sign

green .12 sign on a wreath

One man's treasure is another man's up-cycled treasure!

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