DIY Wooden Pot Rack

8:00:00 AM

This leftover piece from another project 
got a new life in my kitchen.

wooden pot rack from potting bench

This piece was leftover from an old garden bench I found by the side of the road. The top became my living room coffee table
and this shelf from the bottom was too 
great not to use for something!

I had an idea... but truthfully it is one of those ideas I had to work on when my husband was still sleeping. If I told him my idea he would be more than a little skeptical.... if I just do it and then show him the results, he usually loves it.  

A little dishonest I know but after 22 years of marriage he knows I'm usually up to something. 

I thought this piece would make a great pot rack
And the fact that I already had an old pot rack hanging
from my ceiling made this project even easier.

I just took down the old one, keeping the chains in the 
ceiling. The chains wrapped around the wooden rails
of this piece perfectly...

wooden pot rack from potting bench

Large "S" hooks from IKEA fit snuggly around the rails...

wooden pot rack from potting bench

The fact that pots and baskets could sit on top 
was a beautiful bonus and almost the best part!

wooden pot rack from potting bench

A pot rack was the perfect repurpose for this old piece.
The weathered color from years outside made the patina just right!

wooden pot rack from potting bench

By the way... he loved it!


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  1. Your pot rack looks great, I like the basket up top too!

  2. Ah! Fun! Love it when a project jumps out and is so easy! Awesome.

  3. Too fun! It's practical and it looks good, too. :-) Sue

  4. That looks wonderful, Susan! Such a great re-purpose!

  5. Cute and creative, I love it! Great idea!

  6. Of course he loved it! It looks great.

  7. You can be up to something anytime Susan as it normally turns out great!


  8. So creative and a great idea....would love it if you came by and shared it at

  9. This has me thinking.......


  10. Your rack looks so pretty! Beautiful idea! I have a new weekly link party which is live now and I would love if you stop by and link up this wonderful post! Hope to see you there! Hugs, Maria

  11. I love pot racks - open shelving displaying pots etc. I real working kitchen.

  12. Wow Susan! You get the Recycling Award! Another great use of someone else's cast offs. I'll bet the original owner of that garden bench never in a million years imagined it would one day be hanging in someone's kitchen! :) And I SOOO know what you mean about doing things on your own without telling hubby first. Mine tends to be a bit skeptical too, to say the least. I think of it as a handicap, he just doesn't have the ability to envision things the way I do, but nine times out of ten, he's happy with the results.



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